Dr.Web anti-virus for Windows

iconDr.Web anti-virus for Windows is one of the top names in anti-virus software from Russia. Less well-known in the West than its compatriot Kaspersky, Dr.Web is particularly good at being able to cure (disinfect) files that have been infected by a virus. It has fewer frills and uses less resources than other leading anti-virus products, making it ideal for older PCs and netbooks.

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Dr.Web anti-virus has a simple user interface

Dr.Web anti-virus has been under development since 1992. It has consistently been among the leading products in detecting viruses, taking an innovative approach rather than "following the fashion." The product excels in its ability to remove viruses from files and clean up infected computers. In many cases it can restore infected files to their original state, where other well-known products can only recommend deletion. Dr.Web is also very effective at disabling active viruses in memory, making it possible to install the product on an already infected system. This greatly simplifies the task of cleaning an infected computer for the ordinary user.

The interface of Dr.Web is plain and lacks frills. In a marketing-led product sector where attractive graphical skins and lists of technical-sounding features are used to justify the increasing cost of annual upgrades, Dr.Web may appear to have been left behind, and its popularity may have suffered to some extent because of this. But rest assured that Dr.Web anti-virus does all you need to keep your system free of viruses. Many technically knowledgeable users will actually appreciate Dr.Web's no-frills approach, which has the benefits of reduced resource usage, less impact on system performance and a lower likelihood of conflicts with other applications.

Dr.Web SpIDer Guard alerts as soon as a virus is detected

Dr.Web anti-virus offers the options of an Express scan, which checks all the locations most likely to contain a virus, a Complete scan, which takes a long time but checks everything - useful for a first check or when a virus infection is suspected. There is also a Custom scan that allows you to sweep specific folders for viruses. In addition to this there is a real-time online virus checker called SpIDer Guard that alerts you as soon as an infected file enters your system.

Besides protection from and removal of viruses, Dr.Web anti-virus provides defense against malware using rootkit techniques, and anti-spyware functionality through its detection of Trojans and key-loggers. The SpIDer Mail component checks your email on-the fly to block any mail containing malware from arriving in your inbox.

The low resource usage of Dr.Web anti-virus makes this an ideal solution for older PCs, laptops and netbooks. The virus update frequency can be customized to suit your needs. Virus updates are small in size, a benefit for those using slow or expensive mobile data connections.

Tech-Pro.net recommendsTech-Pro.net recommends:
We recommend Dr.Web anti-virus for Windows because it is a well-engineered product that focuses on virus detection and disinfection rather than looks and gimmicks, and has extremely low resource usage.

Note: as with most security products, the price quoted is for a one year license for one user.

Product Information

Developer: Dr. Web

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 30

Key Features

  • Long-established industry-leading product
  • Extremely effective cure (disinfect) capability
  • Many infected files restored to original state
  • Detects viruses, rootkits and spyware
  • On-demand and scheduled virus scans
  • SpIDer Guard real-time virus monitoring
  • On-the-fly email virus checking
  • Low resource usage - ideal for laptops and netbooks
  • Small updates - great for mobile data users
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