How To: Fix Errors in Downloaded Files

The files that can be downloaded from this site have been checked for errors. Most files are downloaded hundreds of times a day, so any problems will quickly become apparent, and be corrected just as quickly. So when problems are experienced with a downloaded file, this is unlikely to be a fault in the copy of the file on the website. It is nearly always because the downloaded copy is corrupt or incomplete.

Errors that may be experienced with downloaded files include the following:

Downloading the file again

Web browsers cache (keep a copy of) files that have recently been downloaded, to save time if the files are accessed again. This means that you might get a second incomplete copy of the file if you try downloading it again.

To ensure that you do get a fresh download, carry out the following steps:

If you often have trouble downloading large files, or have an unreliable Internet connection, it may be worth while using a download manager or download accelerator. This improves speed and reliability by downloading files in several pieces, and can also resume interrupted downloads so you don't waste time downloading the same data over again.

Virus alerts

Software downloaded from are all products of reputable, trusted developers. All downloads have been checked and were free of viruses, spyware and other malware at the time of checking.

If your anti-virus software reports a virus in a file that you have downloaded, or in one of the files contained in a product after it has been installed, this is most likely to be a false alarm.

The best way to tell whether a file really contains a virus is to upload it to VirusTotal. VirusTotal will scan the file using a dozen or more different virus scanners. If the file is claimed to be a virus by only the virus scanner you are using, then it is a false alarm.