iconDiskPatch is a bootable data recovery CD or floppy disk that allows you to recover data from disks Windows can't even read by repairing corrupt file system structures. It also lets you recover data from a failing hard disk by cloning it to a brand new one.

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DiskPatch - repair corrupt disks

The DiskPatch download is a program that lets you create either a boot CD or a floppy disk on your own computer. After you have created the boot disk, use it to start the computer with the damaged or unreadable disk. Using its simple text-based menu system DiskPatch lets you choose the drive and partition you want to fix and then repair it.

DiskPatch can repair the most common problems that prevent an operating system from booting up or reading a disk, including rebuilding corrupt boot sectors and partition tables and refreshing the boot code. It can also perform a surface scan to determine whether there are any physical errors on the drive that could be causing problems with file access.

If physical errors are found, you can use the Clone feature to make an exact copy of the drive on a new one. Unlike many Windows-based disk cloning tools, DiskPatch can copy drives even when they contain hard errors, allowing you to recover as much data as possible with a minimum of trouble. DiskPatch can also wipe your data from a drive so that it cannot be recovered, prior to disposing of it.

DiskPatch includes a disk sector editor

DiskPatch includes some handy disk utilities, including a disk sector editor with Undo function that allows you to correct disk errors and edit files by hand. You can also back up a drive's master boot record, boot sector and partition table so that they can quickly be restored should they become corrupted in the future.

Note: The free demo version of DiskPatch allows you to try out the software and its user interface. The demo does not write to the hard drive and cannot perform a repair. However, it can create a diagnostic log file which is saved to the floppy disk or other location such as a USB memory stick. This diagnostic log can be submitted to the DIY Data Recovery Support Forum to receive an expert opinion as to whether or not your data is recoverable using the full version.

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We recommend DiskPatch for experienced computer users looking for a versatile data recovery tool.

Product Information

Publisher: DIY DataRecovery

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 49.95

Key Features

  • Repair disks that won't boot
  • Repair partitions that cannot be read
  • Fix corrupt master boot record (MBR)
  • Fix corrupt partition tables
  • Recover deleted partitions
  • Fix corrupt boot sectors
  • Recover data from drives with bad sectors
  • Surface scan to detect disk errors
  • Undo any repair operation
  • Clone failing drives
  • Back up and restore MBR, boot sector and partition table
  • Disk sector editor, with undo feature
  • Boot from floppy disk or CD
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