DeleteFIX Photo

iconDeleteFIX Photo is a powerful and very effective tool to recover deleted photos from digital cameras, memory cards and hard drives. It can recover photos even if the camera memory or memory card has been formatted or corrupted. The program is simple to use and supports the image formats used by all major brands of digital camera.

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Recover deleted photos quickly and effectively

DeleteFIX Photo is one of the most effective photo recovery tools available. To use it, connect your camera to your computer in the usual way and then start the program. When you start a New Recovery task a wizard will open to gather details of the photos you wish to recover.

DeleteFIX Photo supports all popular brands of digital camera, so it can recover photos that are stored in a proprietary or "raw image" format. It can also recover photos saved in generic formats such as jpg. So whatever type of camera you have, DeleteFIX Photo should be able to recover your lost photos.

After specifying the camera type and its location, DeleteFIX Photo will scan the memory to recover the lost images. It can recover photos that have been deleted, or when the memory card has been formatted or corrupted. If your camera or memory card has become unreadable because you switched off or disconnected the camera while write or delete operations were in progress, DeleteFIX Photo will recover the photos so that you can format the memory card and make it usable again. DeleteFIX Photo can also recover photos that have been deleted from your hard drive.

DeleteFIX Photo displays a list of images that are recovered. You can see a thumbnail preview of each image just by clicking on it. To recover an photo just click to select it and then click Save and choose a folder to save it to. It's that simple! recommends:
We recommend DeleteFIX Photo because we found it to be an easy to use and effective tool for recovering deleted and lost digital photos.

Product Information

Publisher: Cimaware

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 99 $ 49

Key Features

  • Recover deleted photos
  • Supports all leading brands of digital camera
  • Generic .jpg image recovery
  • Recover photos from formatted and damaged memory cards
  • Thumbnail preview pre-recovery
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