Data Rescue PC

iconData Rescue PC is a powerful and easy to use data recovery software for Windows that runs from a bootable CD. It can undelete files from hard drives and many other kinds of media. It can recover files that have been lost, even when the computer will not boot up. Data Rescue PC often succeeds where other data recovery tools fail.

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Data Rescue PC - easy data recovery for Windows

It is very important, when you have lost data, that you do not install software on the drive containing the lost data. You should not use the drive at all. Every time you write to the drive you destroy the chances of files being successfully recovered. Data Rescue PC requires no software to be installed on your PC. It is a bootable CD containing a dedicated data recovery operating system. You simply boot the computer from the CD, scan the hard drive to locate your lost files and save them to a different drive such as a network or external hard drive.

Creating your Data Rescue PC CD

Data Rescue PC runs from CD, but you don't need to wait for a CD to come through the post before you can start recovering your data. You can download the software straight away and then burn your own data recovery CD. See a tutorial showing how to make a Data Rescue PC recovery CD.

If you don't have a lot of computer expertise, don't worry! Using the standard mode of Data Rescue PC, file recovery is really simple. You just select the source drive (the one containing your missing data), the destination location (the one you'll save the recovered files on to) and start scanning. Data Rescue PC will show a folder tree of the hard drive, with all the files it finds. Beside each one is a clear diagnosis of the chances of a successful recovery, from Poor to Excellent. Just select the files you wish to recover, then choose Recovery from the menu. Your selected files will be saved to the destination drive. It could hardly be simpler!

If you have trouble finding the files you want, Data Rescue PC can filter the results using wildcards, such as *.jpg or *.doc. It will then show with a red checkmark all the folders containing matching files. You can also preview many files before recovery using a built-in viewer.

Data Rescue PC can scan your drive using the file system. This is the easiest method, which works in most cases, and allows the file names of lost files to be fully or partially recovered. If Data Rescue PC doesn't find your files, you can try Raw Sector Recovery. This ignores the file system, and looks for common file types using characteristic signatures of these files. This method will find many more files, including long lost files, though there is a greater likelihood of them being incomplete or corrupt.

Data Rescue PC can recover files from formatted disks and from deleted partitions, as long as data has not subsequently been written to the drive (by, for example, reinstalling Windows.) If your computer won't boot up, and you want to reformat and reinstall the system, Data Rescue PC will enable you to recover your files first.

The loss of important or irreplaceable files often seems like a disaster. But as long as you act quickly, it is unlikely that your files have really been lost. Data Rescue PC is one of the best tools you can buy to let you recover your files safely.

Product Information

Publisher: Prosoft Engineering

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 99

Key Features

  • Standard mode for beginners.
  • Advanced mode for experts
  • Recover deleted files
  • Recover all types of files
  • Recover files from drives that won't boot
  • Recover files from corrupt or formatted drives
  • Recover photos from digital camera media
  • Preview files before recovery
  • Raw Sector Recovery allows file recovery in difficult cases
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