Data Rescue 3

iconData Rescue 3 is the best Mac data recovery software available. It enables anyone to recover files from a problem hard drive or undelete files that have been accidentally deleted. Data Rescue 3 works when other Mac data recovery software fails. If you need to recover lost files from your Mac hard drive, save on data recovery fees and try do it yourself data recovery with Data Rescue 3!

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The new user interface has animated visual effects

Data Rescue 3 has been designed for do it yourself data recovery by ordinary Mac computer users. A brand new interface with animated visual effects make Data Rescue 3 extremely easy to use. You don't need to be a technical expert to recover your files!

Data Rescue 3 is perfect for restoring accidentally deleted files. It scans only the free space portion of your drives, greatly reducing the number of files you must look through to find what you lost. Data Rescue 3 now recognizes and supports more than a 100 different file types which it can search for and identify by content.

Data Rescue 3 can also recover files from drives that are corrupted, won't mount, don't show up in the Volume List or if your computer won't start. Expert Features may be enabled to allow more knowledgeable users to perform file recovery in difficult cases. Data Rescue 3 is the choice of many professional data recovery services!

Data Rescue 3 is safe to use. It never makes changes to the drive you're trying to recover data from so it won't spoil the chances of recovery by a professional service if you decide to use one. Any files you restore must be saved to a separate drive (such as an external, removable or network drive) so you don't write over other files you may want to recover. You have nothing to lose, and potentially hundreds of dollars to save, by trying Data Rescue 3 before contacting a professional data recovery service.

If your computer won't start up or you don't want to install Data Rescue 3 on your hard drive you can download an optional boot image from the developer's website and burn a boot DVD using Mac Disk Utilities. The boot image is a very large download so there is a $5 charge for it. The boot DVD works just the same as the installable version and uses the same registration code you were sent on purchase.

Use Data Rescue 3 if you have deleted files and emptied the Trash, if your hard drive won't mount, if the drive is corrupt and you can't read files from it, even if it has been formatted. Data Rescue 3 can recover all types of files, even photo images from digital camera media that neither your computer nor your camera can read any more. It can also recover music and movies from iPods and other media players. You can recover the whole drive, or just your most important files. If your drive is starting to fail then you can use Data Rescue Clone to copy everything to a new drive before it fails completely. recommends:
We recommend Data Rescue 3 because it is the most effective tried and tested do it yourself data recovery software for Mac OS users which has been successfully used by thousands of visitors to this site.

Product Information

Publisher: Prosoft Engineering

Platform: Mac OS X

Price: $ 99

Key Features

  • Quickly recover deleted files
  • Recover over 100 file types by content
  • Recover all types of files
  • Recover files from drives that won't mount
  • Recover files from a computer that won't start
  • Recover files from corrupt or formatted drives
  • Recover photos from digital camera media
  • Recover music and movies from iPods
  • Clone failing drives before they fail completely
  • Optional DVD bootable version
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