Data recovery software

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Undelete software


iconUneraser is a powerful but easy to use data recovery software that can recover deleted files from hard drives, floppy drives and other types of storage media on computers running Microsoft Windows. It can unerase files that were accidentally erased, even if you have emptied the Recycle Bin since the files were deleted. It has a preview mode that allows you to view thumbnails of many file types before recovery. This is our most popular data recovery product, with thousands of copies sold.


iconiUndelete is a quick and simple, no-frills data recovery utility that lets you recover deleted files with ease. Unlike other data recovery software, iUndelete can only recover files that have recently been deleted. But if you're sure that's how your files were lost, iUndelete will usually get them back with a minimum of fuss and at a low cost.

General data recovery software

Data Recovery Wizard

iconData Recovery Wizard is a do it yourself data recovery software for Windows. It can recover deleted files, it can recover files that have been lost due to formatting or partitioning a drive, or because of virus action or a system crash. It can even recover partitions and drives that appear to be completely lost. It's a complete data recovery solution.

Data Recovery Wizard Professional

iconData Recovery Wizard Professional is a do it yourself data recovery software that runs under Microsoft Windows and can recover files lost from Windows or Linux partitions, including Windows dynamic drives. It can recover deleted files and files lost through formatting or partitioning. It can also recover partitions that have become lost to the system.

Data Rescue PC

iconData Rescue PC is a powerful and easy to use data recovery software for Windows that runs from a bootable CD. It can recover lost and deleted files from hard drives and many other kinds of media. It can recover files from drives that have been formatted, partitions that have been deleted, and PCs that will not boot up.

Drive and partition recovery software

Partition Table Doctor

iconPartition Table Doctor can repair or recover the master boot record (MBR), partition table and boot sectors on a hard drive. It can also back up and restore hard drive partition tables, hide and make active partitions, and test the hard disk surface for errors.

Partition Recovery

iconPartition Recovery is the most powerful and versatile data recovery software we offer. It can do much more than recover files that have been deleted. Partition Recovery can restore files, folders and even entire drives from both NTFS and FAT disks that have been formatted or repartitioned. It can recover files from disks that are damaged, or made unreadable because of boot sector, partition table or file system corruption.

RAID Recovery

iconRAID Recovery is a powerful yet easy to use do it yourself data recovery tool that can repair corrupted RAID arrays and recover data from damaged arrays. Its powerful search technology maximizes the probability of successful recovery. The product provides an unrivalled range of options to safely save the recovered files.

EFS Recovery

iconEFS Recovery lets you quickly and easily recover encrypted files and folders from NTFS disk drives. No matter whether you moved a disk containing encrypted files to another computer, deleted an encrypted file or folder, formatted a partition or experienced a hard disk error, Diskinternals EFS Recovery makes recovering encrypted files a breeze.

HDD Regenerator

icon HDD Regenerator is a unique data recovery software that enables you to recover files from hard disks that are failing, but not yet completely unusable. It does this by rejuvenating and repairing bad sectors, so that data that is unreadable by Windows becomes readable again.

CD and DVD data recovery software


iconIsoBuster is the best, most powerful CD and DVD data recovery tool for Windows. It supports all known CD, DVD and Blu-ray formats and file systems. If you have a CD or DVD that your computer can't read, IsoBuster will let you browse the disc, find your files and copy them to your hard disk.

CD & DVD Recovery

icon CD & DVD Recovery is data recovery software that makes it easy to recover photos, music, videos, images and other files from CD and DVD media. CD-DVD Recovery works with CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVR+R, DVD-RW, DVR+RW, DVD+R DL, DVD-R DL and DVD-RAM discs, which other data recovery programs cannot be used with. It is the most effective DVD and CD recovery program we have tested.

Email recovery software

Mail Recovery Express

Mail Recovery Express - recover lost email from Outlook Express and Windows MailMail Recovery is an easy to use data recovery software for Outlook Express and Windows Mail. It enables you to recover lost or deleted emails from any mail folder with just a few mouse clicks. It can also recover or repair your Windows Address Book.

Mail Recovery

Mail Recovery - recover lost emailsMail Recovery can recover lost email from Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird and The Bat! It's easy to use. A full preview lets you see your emails prior to recovery.

Music recovery software

Music Recovery

iconMusic Recovery is an easy to use data recovery software that can recover MP3 files, WMA files and all other popular music files that have been deleted or lost from your iPod, MP3 player or MP4 player. It can also recover music files from memory cards, hard drives, CDs and DVDs. If you have lost valuable music downloads then this data recovery software is just what you need!

Recovery for iPod

iconRecovery for iPod is a specially made iPod recovery software that can recover MP3 and other music and multimedia files from your Apple iPod. If you have lost a valuable music collection because of disk corruption or careless erasing then this easy to use tool could save the day!