Data recovery boot CDs


iconDiskPatch is a bootable data recovery CD or floppy disk that can recover data from disks Windows can't even read. It can repair corrupt file system structures, scan a drive for errors and recover data from a failing drive by cloning it to a new one. DiskPatch can also back up and restore a hard disk master boot record, boot sectors and partition tables, plus it has a powerful disk sector editor with undo feature.

Partition Recovery Boot CD

iconPartition Recovery Boot CD is a version of Partition Table Doctor that runs from a boot disc and lets you quickly recover or repair the partition table and boot records on your hard drive to get your PC working again. It can also back up and restore the partition tables to enable instant recovery should they become corrupted in future.

Data Rescue PC

iconData Rescue PC is an easy to use data recovery software for Windows that runs from a bootable CD. It can recover lost and deleted files from hard drives and many other kinds of media. It can recover files from drives that have been formatted, partitions that have been deleted, and PCs that will not boot up. Download the demo and burn your own data recovery CD, or buy now and order a CD sent by post.

DiskInternals Boot CD

iconThe DiskInternals Boot CD is a FREE download that will create a bootable CD containing the latest DiskInternals Research data recovery products. It's ideal for carrying out data recovery in any situation, even when Windows won't boot.

The installer uses PEBuilder to build a bootable disc from the Windows files on your computer. It's completely automatic, even down to downloading and running PEBuilder. All you need is a blank CD. This is the ultimate data recovery tool. Download it now and create your own DiskInternals data recovery boot CD.

DiskInternals Data Recovery CD

iconThe DiskInternals Data Recovery CD is a FREE CD containing all the latest DiskInternals Research data recovery products on a convenient, ready to run CD. The CD contains an online tutorial, plus both installable and ready-to-run freeware and trial versions of all these top-rated Windows data recovery products. You can run the products direct from the CD, without installing anything on your hard drive, to see whether your files are recoverable. You can buy a license directly from the trial software, to enable full data recovery features.

Download an ISO file now and create your own data recovery CD. (Important! Don't download this to the drive containing files you want to recover!) Unzip the ISO and burn it to CD using your favorite CD burning software. If you don't have an ISO burner, we recommend ImgBurn.

Selkie Rescue

iconSelkie Rescue lets you recover files from a computer when Windows refuses to start. You connect the broken PC and a good one using a network cable. Then boot the dead PC using the Selkie rescue CD and pull off the files you want using the Rescue Center on the good one. It's easy to use with first class help. Anyone can use this easy file rescue software!