DiskInternals Data Recovery Boot CD

iconWhen performing data recovery, it's best to avoid writing to the disk containing the lost files. Even using the computer is a bad idea if the lost files were on the same drive as Windows. The DiskInternals Data Recovery Boot CD is the answer to this problem. It's a bootable CD containing all the DiskInternals data recovery tools. You can boot from the CD, leaving your hard drive unused for the maximum chance of a successful recovery. You can also use it to recover a drive that won't boot.

download Download the Data Recovery Boot CD Setup now!

Important: The Data Recovery Boot CD Setup is a 25MB download. You should not download it on to a drive containing files that you wish to recover.


The DiskInternals Data Recovery Boot CD is easy to use. Unlike other bootable data recovery products that run under DOS or Linux and have an unfamiliar interface, this boot CD uses Windows. The setup program uses a tool called PE Builder to create a bootable CD using the Windows files on your computer. To avoid breaking the terms of your Windows license agreement you must ensure that the same copy of Windows is not used at the same time on different PCs.

The Boot CD contains unlicensed trial versions of all the DiskInternals data recovery tools, ready to run from a convenient menu. You can find the most appropriate tool to recover your files. The file preview built into all the products lets you see that your data is recoverable before you need to buy a license.

To perform the recovery, you need to obtain a license for the data recovery software. The Data Recovery Boot CD supports network access. An included copy of Mozilla Firefox enables you to buy a license right from within the software (or you can use our data recovery software page.) You can then enter the registration key you receive, and proceed to recover your files to a network drive or external drive.

If you have already purchased a license for a DiskInternals data recovery product then the Data Recovery Boot CD allows you to use it without risking writing to the hard drive, and even to recover data from an unbootable drive. Creating a data recovery boot CD is free - all you need is a blank CD. Download the setup program now and make your own Data Recovery Boot CD, so that it's ready when you need it!

Product Information

Publisher: Diskinternals

Platform: Windows

Price: Free

Key Features

  • Creates a bootable CD for safe data recovery in any situation.
  • Automated installer builds a bootable recovery CD image from your own Windows files.
  • Burn the CD from within the application.
  • CD contains ready to run trial versions of all DiskInternals recovery tools.
  • Purchase licenses for the software direct from the CD.
  • Recover data even when Windows won't boot from the hard drive.