CyberScrub Privacy Suite

CyberScrub Privacy Suite - keep your private information private! All the time you're using your computer, it's storing information on the hard disk that shows exactly what you have been doing. This stored information is often hidden away, like the list of Web addresses in your browser history folder, or the cached files in the Temporary Internet Files folder. Even when you delete files - even when you empty the Recycle Bin! - the information contained in the deleted files is recoverable. If you want to keep your private activities private, and if you want your deleted emails, personal letters, financial details and other sensitive information to stay deleted, you need CyberScrub Privacy Suite.

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CyberScrub Privacy Suite is easy to use You may not realize that the data you delete from your computer is not immediately erased. Even files that have been emptied from the Recycle Bin can easily be recovered using simple, readily available tools like Uneraser. That's good news if you've accidentally deleted a file and need to get it back. But it's bad news if the file contains sensitive information that you don't want someone else to find!

CyberScrub Privacy Suite protects your privacy by erasing data that could reveal what you have been doing with your computer. It ensures that erased files cannot be recovered even by forensic technicians using specialized recovery tools. It does this by overwriting the contents of deleted files and unassigned disk space using methods developed by national security agencies like the US Department of Defense.

CyberScrub Privacy Suite offers many ways to protect your sensitive information. A simple wizard interface makes it easy to use even by beginners. It can securely delete files, folders, browser history, photos, chat room conversations, cookies, temporary files, emails and files in the Recycle Bin and the Windows swap file. It can also securely wipe unused disk space which may contain the contents of files you deleted months ago!

CyberScrub Privacy Suite offers many ways to irrecoverably delete your sensitive dataMore than just a secure file eraser, CyberScrub Privacy Suite has built-in support for specific applications like Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Messaging and peer-to-peer (P2P) applications. It knows where these applications store data that could be used to track what you've been doing, and ensures that it is securely wiped. Even difficult to remove files like Internet Explorer index.dat files, which are "locked" by Windows, are securely erased.

For data that you want to keep, but don't want others to see, CyberScrub Privacy Suite includes the Privacy Suite Safe. Files are strongly encrypted and stored in the safe, accessible only by password. Even the most powerful computers on the planet would take years to crack this encryption using "brute force" methods. But don't forget your password, because there is no back door!

CyberScrub Privacy Suite runs unobtrusively so it doesn't interfere with your work. It can wipe disk space while the computer is idle, so it doesn't consume resources that are needed by something else. It also has a scheduler so that newly deleted files and newly freed disk space is securely wiped without you having to remember to do so.

If you're worried about what your computer might reveal about you, get CyberScrub Privacy Suite now!

Product Information

Publisher: CyberScrub

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 49.95

Key Features

  • Keeps your Internet activities private: removes web browser history, cookies, temporary files and more;
  • Permanently and effectively erases data, including temporary files and other data stored without your knowledge;
  • Clears information stored in the Recycle Bin and the Windows swap file or paging file;
  • Deletes "locked" files such as index.dat;
  • Data is securely erased using the same technology employed by government agencies;
  • Secure encrypted safe for data you want to keep, but keep private;
  • Cookie management allows you to keep selected cookies;
  • Easy to use via wizard interface, Explorer pop-up menus or drag and drop;
  • Scheduler, to automatically wipe the contents of deleted files.
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