CyberScrub KeyChain

CyberScrub KeyChain - a secure, convenient password manager CyberScrub KeyChain is a password safe that securely stores your online passwords, personal details and credit card information. All data is strongly encrypted and accessed using a single master password, and automatically entered into web pages.

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CyberScrub KeyChain sits in the system tray for instant access when you need to log in to a web site or enter private personal details. A click of the icon opens KeyChain. You then choose the site you want to access, and KeyChain opens it in Internet Explorer and logs you in.

Alternatively you can open a website in your browser, then right-click the KeyChain icon. If KeyChain can recognize the login page from the active window title it will enter in the information.

screenshot The easiest method of all is to use the KeyChain toolbar in Internet Explorer. You can pick your protected sites from a drop-down list, and enter information at the click of a button. Sadly, this toolbar isn't available for Firefox or Opera, and KeyChain really doesn't work well with any other web browser.

KeyChain can store not only passwords, but also credit card and shipping address details. For families who share a computer, details can be stored for up to five separate users, either sharing a Windows account or with their own user account. Data is protected using what CyberScrub calls bullet proof encryption and is transferred to web pages using a method that is undetectable by keystroke loggers.

Data may be stored on your hard drive (a backup option is available in the full version) or on a USB flash drive. If a flash drive is available, this provides the ultimate in portability, as well as security, since the flash drive can be removed from the computer when you are not using it.

If you're an Internet Explorer user then KeyChain is an excellent solution to the problem of remembering those dozens of website login credentials. We hope that CyberScrub will add support for Firefox users soon.

Product Information

Publisher: CyberScrub

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 39.95

Key Features

  • Securely stores passwords, shipping addresses and credit card details
  • Single master password
  • Opens websites and automatically enters information
  • Supports up to 5 separate users
  • Secure password generator
  • Information entered is undetectable by keyloggers
  • Supports USB Flash Drives for true portability
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