icon CopyToDVD is a powerful and versatile CD / DVD backup copy software. With a click of a button, you can copy and backup your data files, photos, music, videos, games and other valuable files to a CD or DVD. It is an essential all-in-one disc burning suite for serious PC users.

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CopyToDVD has a simple and easy user interface that lets you quickly drag and drop files or an entire folder from the in-built File and Folder Explorer to the destination files list. You can even create various folders to organize and group your files on the destination disc. If you have a rewritable disc and need to erase it first then CopyToDVD has a built-in disc erase tool to quickly erase the disc contents and make it ready to burn again.

Before actually burning files, CopyToDVD lets you select the destination media type. If you choose to write on a CD then the media type would be CDR 74, CDR 80, CDR 90 etc. or if you choose to write on a DVD then it would be DVD 5, DVD 9 etc.


Apart from writing data to a CD or DVD, you can also create an ISO image file on a hard disk folder. This ISO image can be burned later on or can be used as a virtual drive to access files without any requirement of a physical disc.

CopyToDVD's best feature is that it lets you automate and schedule the backup copy operation to a DVD for selected folders and files. You can specify the frequency of backup to daily, weekly or monthly with specific time on that day. You can also specify the label for the disc which would be assigned to the disc on the scheduled date. Optionally the written folder names can be prefixed with date and time so that you can better track the archived files when you need them.


VSO CopyToDVD comes with support for 20+ different languages and various color themes to enhance your experience and makes you feel comfortable while you backup and archive your important files.

Buy VSO CopyToDVD now ! It is the best CD / DVD backup copy software to effortlessly archive and protect your valuable data files, games, music and DVD movies.

Product Information

Publisher: VSO Software

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 24.99

Key Features

  • Quickly back up data files, games, music and video to CD or DVD
  • Create audio CDs from MP3, OGG, Vorbis, APE and WMA files
  • Add fedia at different times using Multi-Session facility
  • Customize the program as required with large number of settings
  • Supports writing with newest CD, DVD and Blue-ray discs
  • Create ISO images for later burning
  • Use program features in your own application with Developers SDK
  • Use CopyToDVD at command-line for batch operations
  • In-Built disc erase tool for rewritable discs
  • Schedule backup copy operation as needed
  • Supports 20+ different languages
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