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iconTech-Pro CodeSign is a utility designed to help software developers install and use the Microsoft code signing tools. After buying a code signing certificate, you can Authenticode sign your programs, software components, cabinet files and installers using drag and drop, so that Windows doesn't alarm your users by warning them that the software publisher is not known and may not be trusted.

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Tech-Pro CodeSign is a graphical shell for the Microsoft command line code signing tools, which provide the actual code signing functionality. It has been tested under Windows XP and Windows Vista 32-bit. The code signing tools it is designed to use cannot be used under Windows 95/98/Me/NT nor 64-bit versions of Windows.

Tech-Pro CodeSign makes it easy for developers to add Authenticode signatures to their software. There is no need to wade through complicated instructions and type lengthy commands at a command prompt. With Tech-Pro CodeSign you can sign executable files, DLLs, OCX files, installers, cabinet files and even PAD files using drag and drop.

Tech-Pro CodeSign helps you obtain the Microsoft code signing tools without having to download huge SDK files. Links within the software let you download the tools if you don't already have them, and provide hints on how to install them. CodeSign also works with the Visual Studio / Platform SDK code signing tools.

Tech-Pro CodeSign supports the optional application file description and information URL fields which can be added to the digital signature. If you use them, you can set global default values for all applications, and then override them on a per-application basis. Tech-Pro CodeSign stores the settings you use for each file you sign, and remembers them the next time you rebuild and re-sign the program. The program can also, if you wish, store and automatically enter your private key password when requested by the code signing tools.

Tech-Pro CodeSign supports a command line mode so you can call it directly from most developer tools that support passing the target filename as an argument. Simply run codesign.exe <file-to-be-signed> /auto and CodeSign will sign the file using the default or last used settings. For more details see Using Tech-Pro CodeSign.

Note: This free software is unsupported.

Product Information


Platform: Windows (32-bit)

Price: Freeware

Key Features

  • Easy code signing. Just drag and drop applications and click Sign. Command line mode also supported.
  • Sign many types of code. Supports all standard executable types: exe, dll, ocx and more, plus cab files and PAD files.
  • File description and information URL support. Details stored and retrieved on a per-application basis.
  • Easily install code signing tools. Links to download, and hints to install code signing tools within the application.
  • Buy code signing certificates. Direct links to purchase page to buy low cost code signing certificates from Comodo.
  • Test mode. Try out code signing using a self-generated certificate.