Code signing

Authenticode Code Signing Certificates

Authenticode code signing certificates An Authenticode Code Signing Certificate is a digital ID, unique to you or your company, which you can use to sign your software products. It allows Windows to verify that the publisher of the product is you, and that the software has not been infected by a virus or otherwise modified since it was created. We offer code signing certificates from Comodo. They cost a fraction of the price of those from other certification authorities, but your end users will see no difference. Don't let users of your products see warnings that make them doubt if they can be trusted. Do what the professionals do and sign your code!

Tech-Pro CodeSign

Code signing made easy Tech-Pro CodeSign has been designed to make it easy to digitally sign software executables and other files using an Authenticode code signing certificate. It is a graphical shell for the Microsoft code signing tools, which provide the actual code signing functionality.