Comodo Authenticode Code Signing Certificate

Buy Authenticode code signing certificates from Tech-Pro.netAn Authenticode Code Signing Certificate is a digital ID that allows software developers to sign the programs and software components they create so that users can be sure of who created them, and that the software has not been modified or infected by a virus since it was created. Signing your software and installation packages ensures that users will not see alarming messages warning them that the software publisher is unknown and that the software may not be trusted.

Code signing certificates from some certification authorities can cost nearly $500 a year. A Comodo code signing vertificate from costs just $179 for one year, a $320 saving!

About Comodo

When you buy a code signing certificate, you are getting a digital ID, unique to you or your business, that can be used to prove that any software signed with it is exactly as created by you. In order to prevent malicious people from obtaining digital IDs that claim they are somone else, the certification authority must perform certain checks of the identity of every individual who applies for one. This is a manual process that must be carried out to agreed standards.

Comodo is a WebTrust compliant certification authority. WebTrust is an auditing process which verifies that Comodo meets independent standards for the issuing and managing of digital certificates. To maintain compliance Comodo is under continuous scrutiny, with formal reviews carried out every six months. The standard meets or exceeds US industry consensus standards for privacy and substantially meets those of the European Union and Canada.

Checking the authenticity of applicants, complying with standards and carrying out reviews takes time and costs money. But some certification authorities charge a very high fee for code signing certificates, which many developers feel is unjustified.

Comodo charges less than any other certification authority for code signing certificates. End users will notice no difference between a program signed with a Comodo code signing certificate and one signed with a certificate costing nearly three times as much. So why pay more?

Code signing certificates compared

There are three certification authorities that offer code signing certificates: Comodo, Thawte and Verisign. This comparison table shows the differences between them. Only if you need to sign kernel mode drivers for Windows Vista must you buy a more expensive Verisign certificate.

Comodo Thawte Verisign
Works with Windows XP Y Y Y
Works with Windows Vista Y Y Y
Accepted for Windows Vista logo certification Y Y Y
Accepted for Windows kernel mode certification N N Y
Price (1 year) $ 179 $ 299 $ 499
Price (2 years) $ 340 $ 549 $ 895

Choose a Comodo Code Signing Certificate from and give your customers the assurance that you are a professional software developer that digitally signs software for their protection and peace of mind.

Product Information

Vendor: Comodo

Price: $ 179

Key Features

  • Digitally sign your executable code, installation packages, cabinet files and PAD files to prove who published them, and that they are unmodified.
  • Establish trust by showing customers that you are concerned about their online safety.
  • Ensure authenticity by signing your code with your unique digital ID. 
  • Ensure integrity by using the digital signature to check executable code has not been tampered with.
  • Avoid warning messages displayed by web browsers that your software is of unknown origin and may not be trustworthy.
  • Vista Compatibility. Comodo Code Signing Certificates are supported by Microsoft Windows Vista.
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