Buy Comodo Authenticode Code Signing Certificate

Product Price Buy
Comodo Code Signing Certificate (1 year) $ 179 Buy a Comodo Code Signing Certificate for 1 year
Comodo Code Signing Certificate (2 years) $ 340 Buy a Comodo Code Signing Certificate for 2 years
Comodo Code Signing Certificate (3 years) $ 500 Buy a Comodo Code Signing Certificate for 3 years

How to buy - step by step

Buying an Authenticode Code Signing Certificate is not like buying software online. If you have not purchased a code signing certificate before, then follow the step by step guide given below to ensure a smooth transaction.

Comodo's order server supports most major browsers. However, the exact ordering procedure will vary depending on the browser and operating system you are using. Therefore do not be concerned if the steps below do not occur exactly as described.

If you are using Internet Explorer 6 under Windows XP you will be able to save your private key to a .pvk file, and download your code signing certificate to an .spc file. This is most convenient. If you use Internet Explorer 7 under Windows Vista your code signing certificate and private key will be held in the Windows certificate store and will have to be exported to a file before you can use it.

Ordering your Code Signing Certificate

Now you must wait to be contacted by Comodo. You will be asked to provide documentary evidence to verify the details entered in Step 2. If your business is a company, you will typically be expected to provide a copy of your company Certificate of Incorporation. If you are applying for a certificate under an unregistered trading name you will be asked to provide an official document that shows you own the trading name such as tax office documents in that name. If you are applying as an individual you will be asked to provide documents such as utility bills that prove you live at the address stated.

You must also have a land line phone number associated with the business or application. Comodo will call you on that number as part of the verification process. So they are also likely to ask for a copy of a phone bill showing the company or business name. If you work from home and the telephone account is not in the business name then they will accept a bill in your personal name, but they will then require a document that shows you are a director or proprietor of the business. You should also make sure that anyone who answers that home number knows what to do if they receive a call from Comodo.

If you are an independent developer working from home selling software under a business name then it can sometimes be difficult to find adequate documentation to prove that you are entitled to hold a certificate in that name. If you are unsure, our advice is to start the application process. Comodo's staff are helpful and it is in their interest that you complete the process. Further information about the documentation required for verification can be found here.

Comodo guarantees to issue certificates within two working days of all required documentation being received and approved.

Collecting your Code Signing Certificate

Once the verification procedure has been completed you will receive an email from Comodo telling you that your code signing certificate is ready to be collected.

You are now ready to begin digitally signing your programs. For more information on how to do this see Code Signing for Developers, or make the job easier by using Tech-Pro CodeSign.