BitZipper 2013

iconBitZipper is a Windows utility that lets you open Zip files, Rar files, 7-zip files and other archives with ease. New BitZipper now supports even more file types, so it can open every kind of compressed or encoded file you are ever likely to encounter. It can also create files in many of these formats, too. And BitZipper now has a powerful built-in file viewer so you can view the contents of archives without needing any external programs.

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BitZipper is the easiest way to open and view compressed archives like Zip and Rar files. If you aren't used to working with archives and just need to open a file you downloaded, a wizard that will walk you through the process. The wizard helps you to open an archive, create new zip files, or create your own compressed archives.

For experienced users, BitZipper's "classic" user interface gives you all the power you need. It lets you open or create compressed archives and add, extract or remove files, either using the menu or toolbar or by drag and drop.

BitZipper has many powerful and unique features for the power user. It allows you to install software directly from a compressed archive without first extracting the contents to a folder. It can split archives into multiple volumes that will fit onto floppy disks or other media. It can convert archives directly from one format to another.

New BitZipper supports even more archive types than before, so you will surely not need any other archive manager to extract the contents of any package you download. Want to access the contents of an .ISO CD/DVD image without burning it to CD or DVD? BitZipper can do it. It can open Windows and Mac OS disk images, too.

Want to extract an embedded image or document from a Microsoft Office .doc, .xls or .ppt file? Yes, BitZipper can do this as well.

Want to see what's inside an installable package without installing it? BitZipper can open Microsoft Installer (.msi) and Nullsoft Installer (.exe) files. It can even open Linux .rpm and .deb packages - probably the only Windows archive manager that can do this.

Of course, BitZipper supports all the commonly used archive types like .zip, .cab and .rar. BitZipper supports the latest compression technologies such as PPMd and BZip2 compression, enabling it to make smaller Zip files than standard Zip software!

New to BitZipper is a powerful built-in file viewer that can display most popular document and image types. This means that you can view the contents of archives without having to call up an external application. In fact, it means that you can view files inside archives even if you don't have the required application on your computer! This new feature will save time and a lot of frustration.

BitZipper can create archives in several popular formats. It can even create self extracting archives - .exe files that can extract their contents on another Windows computer without the aid of any archive manager.


As well as being the world's best archive manager, BitZipper is also a backup application. You define a backup set by specifying which files you want to include or exclude, and save it. To protect your data, backups can be encrypted (BitZipper can use uncrackable 256-bit AES encryption.) You can then back up those files any time you want, by selecting that backup set. BitZipper will even create an icon right on your desktop to perform a one-click backup of your data. recommends:
We recommend BitZipper because we believe it to be the best Windows archive manager available. It is easy to use, well supported, regularly updated and supports just about every archive and image format you're likely to encounter. You'll use this product every day not just to open Zip and other archive files downloaded from the Internet, but also to back up, archive and protect the valuable files on your computer. And you get free upgrades to all future versions!

Product Information

Publisher: Bitberry Software

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 24.95

Key Features

  • The world's best archive manager
  • Open or unzip Zip, Rar and 7-zip files and 28 other formats!
  • Create Zip, Cab and 6 other types of compressed archive.
  • View images and documents with built-in viewer
  • Open ISO CD images and disk images
  • Open Windows and Nullsoft installer files
  • Extract embedded files from Microsoft Office documents
  • Better compression than WinZip.
  • Create self extracting archives.
  • Supports Unicode filenames.
  • Create encrypted archives using 256-bit AES encryption.
  • View archive contents in an Explorer-like list view.
  • Create backup sets to back up your files in compressed archives.
  • Search within archives.
  • Virus scan archive contents.
  • Easy Wizard interface for novices.
  • Work with WinZip, WinRAR and WinACE files.
  • Open multiple archives simultaneously.
  • Supports Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7
  • FREE updates for life!
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