Backup4All - Windows backup software that is powerful and easy to use Every computer needs backup software. The files on your hard drive are valuable. They contain important information, valuable software and personal items. Many files, if lost, could be irreplaceable. Don't wait for your hard disk to fail, or a virus to attack. Buy backup software like Backup4all, and create copies of your valuable files on CD, DVD, an external or removable drive, or even a remote server, so that whatever happens to your computer you can still recover your files.

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Backup4all has an attractive user interface and is easy to use

The New Backup Wizard makes it easy to create new backup jobs by selecting the files and folders you want to be included. Backup4All makes it easy to back up your files so there is no excuse for losing data. Using the New Backup Wizard you simply name your new backup job, then add the folders or files you want included using the intuitive Explorer-style interface. After defining the job, you can create a shortcut to it right on your desktop for a one-click backup.

The location for your backup files can be any local drive or folder, including removable drives and CD or DVD burners. Backup4all Lite uses Windows XP's built-in CD burning support. But if you buy the Standard or Professional edition then Backup4all uses its own CD/DVD burner drivers, which are more reliable and convenient. Backup4All can use packet writing software like InCD or DirectCD to write to rewritable optical media. The Standard edition can use network drives and the Professional edition supports remote FTP servers.

Backup4all's convenient Test mode lets you see how many files will be backed up and how much space they occupy. Backup4all uses the industry standard Zip format for backup files, so your backups require much less storage space than the original files, and backup archives may be opened directly in Windows XP or using any Zip-compatible software. Backup4all may also be used to create mirror backups - uncompressed duplicate copies of your files and folders - if preferred.

Support for the Zip64 format means that backup files are not restricted in size. However, your backup archives may be any size you wish. Backup4all can create backups that consist of several archives spanning multiple backup media.

Backup4all creates a catalog file for each backup which contains details of the contents. This makes both backups and restores faster, as Backup4all can more easily determine which files have changed since the last backup. A copy of the catalog is stored locally, for speed, as well as on the backup media. Options in the Professional edition include the ability to run commands or initiate actions (such as shutdown) before or after a backup, or send email notifications.

To keep your data secure, Backup4all Standard can create password protected backups, while the Professional version can also encrypt them (up to 256-bit AES level.) If you're backing up over the Internet, SSL is supported for a secure connection.

Backup4all offers many benefits when it comes to restoring your data. The Restore Wizard gives you powerful control over which files and folders are restored, using file type filters or selecting from an Explorer-like tree. You can also restore to a different location if you want to compare files instead of restoring them.

Unlike other backup products, Backup4all doesn't only allow you to restore the last version of a file. If your incremental backups include several updated versions of a file, Backup4all allows you to restore any of those versions.

Backup4all is one of the most powerful and flexible backup applications available today. Don't wait for a hard disk crash or a virus attack to wish you'd had a backup.

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Product Information

Publisher: Softland

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 39.95

Key Features

  • Backup Wizard simplifies creation of backup tasks.
  • Create a shortcut for one-click backup.
  • Restore Wizard makes it easy to restore selected files or folders.
  • Create multiple backup tasks.
  • Create scheduled backups.
  • Supports "one touch" backups with compatible USB devices.
  • Backups use industry standard Zip files, accessible directly using Windows XP Explorer and standard Zip archive tools.
  • Supports Zip64 format for unrestricted backup size.
  • Backup directly to CD, DVD, external, removable or network drives.
  • Backups may span multiple discs.
  • Create full, incremental and differential backups.
  • Password protected and encrypted backups supported.
  • Backs up locked or open files.
  • Create mirror backups.
  • Command line version.
  • Supports all Windows versions.
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