Backup software

Continuous backup

AJC Active Backup

icon AJC Active Backup is a backup program with a difference. It backs up your work, as you work, each time you save changes. What's more, it stores all the changes you make to a file or document, not just the latest copy. If you make a mistake, or accidentally overwrite a file with something else, you can get back any previous version. AJC Active Backup gives you continuous data protection. We find this product absolutely indispensable, and strongly recommend that you try it.

Live File Backup

Live File Backup - automatic continuous backup of your working documentsLive File Backup is a continuous backup software for Microsoft Windows. It continuously protects your data, while you work. You don't need to remember to do back ups - they run automatically. And Live File Backup keeps previous versions of your files, so you can restore the last good version of a file that got messed up, overwritten or corrupted.

MagiCure Professional

iconMagiCure Professional is like Windows System Restore, but for everything! With MagiCure Professional on your computer you can restore a deleted or corrupted file or recover from a serious problem by restoring the system to how it was before the trouble occurred. Don't waste time and temper trying to solve PC problems. With MagiCure Professional they're gone in just a few mouse clicks!

Scheduled / on demand backup


icon Backup4All makes it easy to back up your files so there is no excuse for losing data. Using the New Backup Wizard you simply name your new backup job, then add the folders or files you want included using the intuitive Explorer-style interface. After defining the job, you can create a shortcut to it right on your desktop for a one-click backup.

Photos Forever

iconPhotos Forever is an inexpensive, easy to use backup software especially for photos. You can easily make copies on CD or DVD to keep forever in just two easy steps! It also prints out a handy index with thumbnail images so you can quickly find where your photos are kept.

Don't risk the misery of losing irreplaceable photos. Get Photos Forever and get your pictures backed up.

TK8 Backup

icon TK8 Backup is an easy to use backup solution that will ensure that you don't lose all your valuable files when your hard drive fails or your computer is attacked by a virus. Backup files are created using the industry standard Zip file format, allowing files to be restored using the built-in compressed folder support of Windows XP, as well as any standard Zip manager application. You can also create self-restoring backups with their own Restore Wizard.


iconCopyToDVD is a powerful and versatile CD / DVD backup copy software. You can back up your data files, music, videos, games and important data files to a CD or DVD with a single mouse click. It is a great way to safeguard your valuable and irreplaceable files against the inevitable hard disc crash.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite

iconParagon Hard Disk Manager is an all-in-one suite that helps protect, maintain and manage a Windows PC. It includes all the tools you need to make the best use of today's high capacity hard drives including backup, recovery and performance optimization.