Avex DVD to iPod Video Suite

icon If you want to watch DVDs and video downloads on your iPod then take a look at Avex DVD to iPod Video Suite. This package contains Apex DVD to iPod Converter and Apex iPod Video Converter, available separately at $ 29 each. This bundle has all you need to rip DVDs and convert most formats of video into files you can upload and view on your iPod, at a $ 13 saving.

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Convert video to iPod format

Anyone can convert video clips and favorite DVD movies to watch on an Apple iPod using Avex DVD to iPod Video Suite. The default settings give great results for most purposes. Just click Open DVD/Video, then select your DVD or video file. When the movie starts to play in the large preview screen, click Convert.

If you're converting a DVD and want to pick what to convert, click Jump to DVD Menu. You can then select what to play using the mouse, or use the fast forward and reverse buttons to get to the start of the clip you want, then click Convert. Avex DVD to iPod Video Suite takes full advantage of the latest, fastest PC hardware to deliver fast, high quality video conversion.

A drop down list lets you choose the quality level for the converted video. Avex DVD to iPod Video Suite can produce the highest quality video but this takes the most space. If your iPod storage space is at a premium you can choose a lower quality option which will result in a smaller file to upload and store on your iPod.

Other options provided by this package include the ability to change the audio volume level and picture brightness, and stretch wide screen video to fit the iPod's screen. There is also an unattended batch conversion mode, so you can set Avex DVD to iPod Video Converter to process a list of video files and shut down your computer once it has finished.

Avex DVD to iPod Video Suite is a fast, reliable and easy to use iPod video conversion software at a competitive price.

Product Information

Publisher: Avex

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 45

Key Features

  • Rip DVD to iPod MP4 with one click
  • X!-Speed(TM) transcode technology for up to 3 times faster conversion
  • Optimized for Dual Core, HyperThread Processors, SSE2/SSE/MMX/3DNow!
  • Supports H.264 (high quality) and MPEG4 video for Apple iPod
  • Optimized settings for best quality playback on iPod or TV
  • Unattended batch conversion mode
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