Compression tools

Windows archive managers

BitZipper 2013

iconOne of our top-selling products, BitZipper 2013 is the most powerful archive manager there is. It supports Zip files, Cab files, Rar files, 7-zip files and just about any other compressed archive format you're likely to come across. It can create archives using 8 of these formats too.

BitZipper can open ISO files, Windows and Mac disk images. It can extract the contents of Microsoft and Nullsoft installer files, and even look inside Microsoft Office compound documents. And it's also a fast and flexible backup tool! A friendly Wizard makes it easy even for raw beginners to use.


iconWinRAR is an archive manager for Windows. It's most important feature is the ability to create Rar archives, which are more compact than Zip archives and support filenames using non-ASCII characters. WinRAR is also a powerful general purpose archive manager, supporting the ability to open and view 14 of the most popular archive types.

Mac OS X archive managers

StuffIt Deluxe for Mac

iconStuffit Deluxe for Mac OS X is an archive manager for Apple Macintosh computers. It supports opening 30 different archive types including Rar, Zip and StuffIt archives, it can create compressed archives in Stuffit, Zip and Tar formats, and it can encrypt archives to ensure the security of your data.