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AJC Sync - the best tool for synchronizing files and foldersIf you need to synchronize files between a laptop and a desktop, compare the contents of two directories, make a mirror copy of some folders on another disk, copy photos from a digital camera or simply update a backup folder with the latest copies of the files you've been working on, AJC Sync is just what you need! It's the best tool available for keeping two computers or two drives in step and one of the easiest ways to create a mirror copy of working folders for backup.

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Synchronizing folders

AJC Sync is more than just an application for ensuring that your laptop and desktop always have the latest versions of the files you're working on. It's versatile enough to handle all your file synchronizing, copying and backup needs. You can create projects that perform one or more sync or backup tasks. Each task represents a pair of folders (and subfolders if required) and specifies how they are synchronized. You can quickly choose a project at start-up, making it easy to re-synchronize folders whenever you want.

Folders to be synchronized can be on separate computers (like a notebook and a desktop), they can be on separate drives (creating a mirror disk) or on the same hard disk. You can even synchronize between your PC and an FTP server! Wherever the folders are located, AJC Sync refers to them as left (red) and right (green). An easy to use Wizard interface walks you through creating the settings for each task. The Wizard makes it clear what you are doing: you even have a choice of graphical icons to represent the two computers or folders involved.

AJC Sync provides several views of your backup and synchronization tasks. The Home view shows an overview of the sync pairs in the selected project, making it easy to see what the project will do. The Explorer view shows a Windows Explorer-like tree view of the folders included in the project, together with a file list showing which files are present in the left and right folder and the direction in which they will be copied. The Sync Plan view shows a list of all the changes that will be made so you can see at a glance what will happen. If you're happy you can then sync the chosen folders with the click of a button.

AJC Sync creates a report showing all the changes that were made during a synchronization. It can also (optionally) create a backup archive containing copies of every file that is deleted or overwritten, so you can recover from any accidents that might occur like mistakenly copying old files over new ones.

AJC Sync now comes in three versions. The Standard edition is the one most people will use. The Pro edition supports the ability to synchronize folders on your PC hard drive with an FTP server. There's also a Server edition that runs on Windows servers.

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We recommend AJC Sync which we consider to be the most powerful and easiest to use folder synchronization software on the market. It also makes a quick and easy file backup tool. Try it now, and we're sure you'll become one of the thousands of satisfied users of this excellent product.

Product Information

Publisher: AJC Systems Ltd

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 29

Key Features

  • Synchronize files in two folders so that both contain all the latest files.
  • Synchronize in one or both directions.
  • Synchronize with FTP sites.
  • Preview the files to be transferred.
  • Backup replaced and deleted files.
  • Include / exclude file types and folders.
  • Easy to use wizards and extensive online help.
  • Works with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
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