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iconIf you like to try a lot of different Windows software then you need Advanced Uninstaller PRO. It's a fact that the built in uninstaller in the Windows Control Panel (Add and Remove Programs) does not remove all changes made by an application, so your computer slowly gets cluttered up with redundant files and registry entries. Advanced Uninstaller PRO has the tools to help you clean up your computer, manage the software that is already on it, and monitor future software installations so that all traces are removed.

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Advanced Uninstaller PRO - manage the software on your PC

The standard uninstaller that comes with every Windows application does not remove files or registry settings created when you run the application. It only undoes the changes made during the installation itself. The reason is so you can uninstall and reinstall a program to upgrade or fix a problem without losing your settings. But the effect is that your computer fills up with traces of every program you have ever tried.

Uninstallers often don't remove installation dates or usage counts that are used to limit the use of trial versions, either. This is to stop people uninstalling and then reinstalling when the trial is up, to avoid purchasing. But it's annoying if you really want to uninstall the program, and even more annoying if you later decide to give it a second try and find that you can't because the original trial period has long expired.

Advanced Uninstaller PRO allows you to remove applications cleanly and completely. To do this you must start it before you run the application setup program, so it can take a snapshot of the system state. Advanced Uninstaller PRO then monitors the installation and what happens the first time you start the new application. After that, it takes a second snapshot and compares the two to see all the changes made by that software installation. If you subsequently remove the software using Advanced Uninstaller PRO, it can remove all the changes that were made.

Even if the built-in uninstaller fails to work - which is not uncommon - Advanced Uninstaller PRO can still remove the product from your computer using its own log of the changes made during installation.

Advanced Uninstaller PRO has many tools to improve PC performance

Advanced Uninstaller PRO has several tools to help you deal with software you installed before it. It can even remove annoying browser toolbars! Uninstalling is made easy. There is no need to point and click your way to the Control Panel - applications can be uninstalled by dragging and dropping them on the Advanced Uninstaller PRO desktop icon. There is also a Registry Cleaner to get rid of redundant entries left behind by previous installations, a Registry Optimizer to make it work quicker, and a Registry Backup/Restore tool to help safeguard your computer against damage caused by a rogue piece of software.

A Start Menu Cleaner can remove broken shortcuts left behind by failed uninstallers, and a Duplicate File Finder helps you to locate space wasting duplicate files and empty folders.

The Start Menu Items Manager helps you speed up your PC's startup time by removing unnecessary items from the automatic startup folder. The Windows Services manager lets you control the services that run in the background, while a Fonts Manager lets you remove unnecessary fonts that simply waste memory.

Advanced Uninstaller PRO includes tools you help protect your online privacy, too. You can erase your web browsing history, manage cookies, empty the browser cache (Temporary Internet Files) and manage browser add-ons, in both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. There is also a File Shredder to securely erase files you don't want others to find.

There are several more tools in this product besides those mentioned. The best way to find out what it can do for you is to download a free trial copy now. See for yourself why many people are calling Advanced Uninstaller PRO "the best Windows uninstaller."

download Try Advanced Uninstaller PRO now FREE!

Product Information

Publisher: Innovative Solutions

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 39

Key Features

  • Uninstall software completely
  • Drag and drop uninstall
  • Quick cleanup tool
  • Clean broken start menu shortcuts
  • Registry cleaner
  • Duplicate file finder
  • Manage startup items
  • Manage Windows services
  • Font manager
  • Online privacy protection
  • Secure erase for sensitive files
  • Works with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
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