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AJC Active Backup - instant backup, for continuous data protection AJC Active Backup is a backup program with a difference. It makes a backup copy of your work, as you work, each time you save changes. You need never lose work again! What's more, it stores all the changes you make to a file or document, not just the latest copy. If you make a mistake, accidentally overwrite a file with something else, or even delete a file, you can easily get back any previous version. If you need it, there's a free file comparison tool which helps you spot the differences between any two backup copies. AJC Active Backup gives your computer continuous data protection.

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The right-click context menu lets you quickly access the most recently backed-up files Unlike a regular backup program, AJC Active Backup is not intended for backing up your entire system. It's designed to provide continuous backup for the files you work on, and change, every day. You would typically use it to back up the files in your My Documents folder, plus any other folders that you work in.

A setup wizard lets you choose what to back up, and what not to. You can specify the file types to include, like *.doc and *.xls, or you can include everything (*.*) and then specify a list of exceptions (like *.bak) that you want to leave out. This is so you don't waste space on your backup medium keeping copies of temporary files and other things you don't want.

You must also choose a backup location. You can use AJC Active Backup just to protect you from yourself, by allowing you to recover from your mistakes and go back to previous versions. For this, the backup location can be on your main C: drive. For protection against hard drive failures and other disasters, choose another drive such as an external hard drive, USB thumb drive or a shared folder on a network. We use a Flash memory SD card in the media card slot of a laptop.

After it has been set up, AJC Active Backup just gets on with the job. Apart from the green icon in the system tray, which turns yellow when it's busy, you won't notice its presence. AJC Active Backup backs up your files as you work on them. You don't have to remember to do a backup, it's done automatically.

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AJC Active Backup uses Zip compression to store its backup copies, so it doesn't use a lot of space even if you've made dozens of changes to a file. You can specify how many versions or generations of a file to keep, and when they should be purged. Our backup archive contains changes to web pages going back more than a year. To access previous versions, just right-click a file and select Undo from AJC Archive. Imagine how useful it is, being able to see the state of a file a few hours or months ago, with just a few mouse clicks.

Unlike some other continuous data backup programs, AJC Active Backup does not impose a fixed limit on the size of the backup data store, so files are not purged completely if they haven't been changed for a long time. Nor are backups removed when the original file is deleted. We have used this countless times to recover files that had been deleted a long time ago. Just open the archive folder, navigate to the folder that held the file, and double-click on filename.aja.

AJC Active Backup is a great backup program, but it's ability to get back any previous version of a file, or show the differences between two versions, is a real plus. If you're a web developer or a programmer, and you've ever made changes to a file that messed it up, this facility is a life-saver. Opening a file from the data store brings up AJC Revision Archive, which shows all the copies of the chosen file that have been saved. You can pick a version to restore, open it in an application to view it, or compare it with another copy using the free AJC Diff. This invaluable tool shows clearly the changes between two versions of a file, to help you decide which version to restore.

Tech-Pro.net recommendsTech-Pro.net recommends:
We recommend AJC Active Backup because it protects your work, not just from disk crashes and computer errors, but also from the mistakes you can make yourself. In fact, we think it is absolutely indispensable!

Product Information

Publisher: AJC Software

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 29

Key Features

  • Back up files instantly, as soon as you change them
  • Continuous data protection
  • Compare any two backed-up versions of a file
  • Restore any previous version from the backup
  • Protects your work from careless mistakes and software bugs
  • Runs silently in the background while you work
  • Backups are up do date, to the second. Never lose work!
  • Free file comparison tool included!
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