About Tech-Pro

OISV logoTech-Pro Ltd. is a private company headquartered in Cockermouth, Cumbria, England, on the edge of the beautiful English Lake District. The directors, Julian Moss and his wife, Olga Moss, each have more than 35 years experience in the computer industry.

Our business is developing websites that help people to get the best out of their personal computers and the Internet.

About Julian Moss

picJulian Moss has a passion for computing. He holds a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Lancaster and began his professional career as a computer programmer working for the UK Ministry of Defence in 1973. He has also worked for the Law Society and Essex County Council.

In 1991 Julian made a career change into IT journalism. He was appointed Reviews Editor and then Technical Editor for the former Ziff-Davis publication PC Direct. In 1993 he went freelance. Julian wrote articles and software reviews for many of the computer magazines published in the UK, including PC Direct, PC Magazine, PCW, What PC, Computeractive, PC Advisor and PC Pro. For more than a decade he was PC Advisor's agony uncle, editor of the popular monthly Helpline reader's problems feature.

Julian is the Technical Director of Tech-Pro Ltd. He is responsible for the technical aspects of the websites in the Tech-Pro Network.

About Olga Moss

picOlga Moss has a first class honors degree in computer engineering awarded by the Polytechnical University in Kharkov, Ukraine. She lectured in programming languages at the Polytechnical University, Kharkov until 1993, during which time she worked on software for the Russian space program.

From 1993 until 2002 when she moved to the UK she worked at the computer center of the Kharkov Metro (underground railway) developing automated control systems and maintaining databases.

Olga is the Financial Director of Tech-Pro Ltd. She also assists with the testing and evaluation of software products. Her knowledge of Russian as a native speaker helps us to communicate directly with the Ukrainian and Russian software developers whose products feature on this site.

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Legal Information

Tech-Pro Ltd. is a Limited Company Registered in England and Wales.

Company Registration No: 04841334

Registered Address: 36 The Parklands, Cockermouth, CA13 0WW, England.